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Lil' Bit

  • PRA - Clear 

  • MDR1 - Clear 

  • CEA - Clear 


  • HC - Clear 

  • CD - Clear 

  • HUU - Clear 

  • MR1 - Clear 

  • NCL6 - Clear 

  • OFA - Hips/Pending, Elbows/Pending, Patellas/Normal

  • 15 inches tall

  • 20 pounds

Lil' Bit is a beautiful Blue Merle Bi colored girl. She is very sweet, Loves lounging on the bed and adores playing with all the other dogs. She is a big personality in a small package. We are looking forward to what this girl with do for our program in the future. She is also a Bane daughter.

Genetic Results

Dam:   Sasha


Sire:  Bane

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