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Available Dogs / Older Pups

Updated On 03/17/24
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Trails Ends Aloys Zero Dawn

Aloy is a wonderful, active dog that is looking for a home that wants  cuddle buddy as well as a hiking/jogging buddy. 

Aloy was purchased from us by a fellow breeder a couple of years ago. Since then, some major life changes have happened and they are having to find homes for their dogs. She is being offered as either a pet or to a small program as a breeder. Aloy is still in the prime of her life and looking for someone to love her. 




Jasmine is a daughter of Aloy and my Male Bane. She is a stunning girl that is looking for a breeding home. She is just under 2 years old. Had 1 recent oopsy litter and is a sweet heart of a dog. If someone doesnt move on her fast, I might have too. 

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