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  • PRA - Clear 

  • MDR1 - Clear 

  • CEA - Clear 

  • DM - Clear 

  • HC - Clear 

  • CD - Clear 

  • HUU - Clear 

  • MR1 - Clear 

  • NCL6 - Clear 

  • OFA - Hips/Good, Elbows/Normal, Patellas/Normal

  • 16 inches tall

  • 28 pounds

Kiwi came to us as a adult, from a very dear friend of ours. She is a sweet girl that LOVES her food above all else. We come in at a close second. She adores my husband and will gladly sit at his feet all day long if given the opportunity. Kiwi has produced 2 wonderful litters for us thus far. we couldnt be happier what she brings to the MAS community.

Genetic Results
Screenshot (5).png

Dam:   Berry


Sire:   Matrix

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